VÄV  //  Logo for "scandinavian weaving magazine" 
VÄV  //  Redesign and layout of "scandinavian weaving magazine".  VÄV needed more light and air into the pages. VÄV has highly informative text, often long text, fotos are informative / documentary. I worked to get VÄV visually lighter, without putting more pages in the magasine. VÄV comes with 4 issues a year. Reportage about etnical and local weavers. Textile schools and exhibitions. News and interview of weavers. All issues contains about 8 - 10 new design drafts and projects to weave from. Above: cover and start of article.
VÄV  //  Article start and a spread for "drafts and projects". VÄV is read and used by weavers.
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